Rachel + Ethan

Beach Wedding, Currumbin, Gold Coast

Just had the most incredible time capturing Rachel and Ethan's seaside love story as they said "I do" at the stunning Currumbin Beach on Saturday. This beachside affair was a dreamy blend of love, laughter, and a touch of Scottish magic thanks to the swoon-worthy sound of bagpipes. And let's not forget their gorgeous little boy, dressed in his Scottish tartan pants, he looked so cute!!

First things first, the weather gods must've been smitten with this wonderful couple because despite the looming clouds, the rain held off, blessing us with moody skies that added an ethereal quality to every shot. As a wedding photographer, I live for these moments – where nature's canvas complements the raw emotions shared between two people promising forever.

The bagpipes! Oh, the bagpipes! Waves crashing against the shore, seagulls adding their harmony, and then, in the midst of it all, the soul-stirring melody of the bagpipes. Rachel and Ethan chose to honor their heritage and set the mood by having these majestic instruments serenade their love story. And let me tell you, it was a symphony of emotions that elevated the entire ceremony. Rachel, adorned in her breathtaking gown, was a vision of elegance as she walked down the sandy aisle, a delicate bouquet in hand. Ethan's eyes sparkled with love and admiration as he awaited his bride.

The overcast skies? They were the perfect backdrop, casting a soft, diffused light that made every snapshot of this radiant couple even more enchanting.

The beach itself played an incredible supporting role, its vastness symbolizing the endless possibilities awaiting Rachel and Ethan in their journey together. From intimate shots against the shoreline to playful moments in the sand, every frame captured the authenticity and depth of their connection.

As the ceremony ended, the clouds seemed to part just a bit, allowing a ray of sunlight to peek through, casting a golden hue over the newlyweds. It was like nature itself was celebrating their union, giving me the perfect opportunity to capture the warmth and joy radiating from Rachel and Ethan. From candid laughter to stolen glances and tender embraces, this wedding was a dream to photograph. Rachel and Ethan, your love is as vast and beautiful as the ocean behind you. Thank you for allowing me to freeze these precious moments in time.

Loved working with:

Piper: Robin Livingston The Scottish Piper

Wedding styling: Dallas @sweetbridestyling 

Celebrant: Phil Cutclif 

Venue: @seaclusionweddingsandevents 

Flowers: @maiplantco 

Cheers to the happy couple and the timeless memories we created together!

Until the next love story unfolds.



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