Hey there, I've got quite the story to share with you, straight from the land of sun, surf, and love. My stunning couple who fell head over heels in love on the charming streets of London. Can you feel the romance already? Well, let me take you on a journey through a wedding day at the breathtaking Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast.

Now, when I say stunning, I mean drop-dead gorgeous. Our bride was a vision in white, and our groom? Handsome as ever in his dapper suit. These two were simply meant to be, and their love story was written in the stars. But, as any experienced wedding photographer knows, not every moment on a wedding day goes exactly as planned. And let me tell you, we had our fair share of veil malfunctions that day. The Gold Coast decided to give us a little welcome gift in the form of high winds on the beach. But hey, that's the thing about love – it can weather any storm.

Despite the veil chaos and the winds that could rival a hurricane (well, almost), we managed to capture some of the most stunning portraits. I mean, when you have a backdrop like the Sheraton Mirage, it's hard to take a bad photo. This place screams luxury, and it made our couple look even more radiant than they already were.

We started the day with the getting-ready shots. You know, the ones where the bride is surrounded by her besties, and the groomsmen are trying to figure out how to tie a tie for the millionth time. These moments are pure gold for any wedding photographer, and I was in my element.

Then came the heart-melting ceremony. The bride walked down the aisle with grace, even if her veil had a mind of its own. The love in the air was palpable, and I couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed myself. London might have been their starting point, but the Gold Coast was where their journey as a married couple truly began.

After the "I do's," it was time for the beachside portraits. And let me tell you, those high winds made for some epic shots. The veil billowed like a beautiful white sail, and the lovebirds held onto each other as if they were the only two people on the planet. It was pure magic.

We wrapped up the day with a reception that could only be described as a fairytale. The Sheraton Mirage knows how to throw a party, and the newlyweds danced the night away with their closest friends and family. I captured every laugh, every tear, and every stolen kiss – the moments that make a wedding day unforgettable.

Even when things don't go exactly as planned (thanks, wind), love will always find a way to shine through. And as a wedding photographer, it's my job to capture that magic, to freeze those moments in time, and to tell the story of two people who just couldn't live without each other.

Cheers to love, adventure, and the wild world of wedding photography! Until next time, keep chasing those dreams and capturing the love.

Loved working with:

Photos: Nat @mrssmithsphotography

Venue: Sheraton Gold Coast @sheratongcweddings

Celebrant: @jadereaganevents_gccelebrant

Cake: @sweetartcreationscakes

Musician: @danieljlewismusic

Dress: Rosa & Mary’s bridal shop @rosaandmarysbridal

MUA: @glowup_beautybar_