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Our lives may have been turned upside down but together we can handle anything. 

COVID-Safe Plan

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of your family and the safety of my own. This Covid-Safe Plan will be updated regularly and in accordance with the current restrictions and public health advice. Please check back here for the latest information and stay up to date with restrictions and public health advice at

All on our team are fully vaccinated.

Physical Distancing

All client meetings will be held over the phone. During photoshoots, the photographer/s will stay 1.5m apart from clients at all practicable times.


We will have hand sanitiser on-hand, using it ourselves. We will ensure extra hand washing & sanitising are adhered to; ie before & after traveling, before starting a session.

Face Masks

A face mask will be worn by the photographer/s at all times appropriate under the current restrictions if we can't stay 1.5m apart when outside.

The health of the Photographer

If one of us is feeling unwell, we will self-isolate, seek testing, and any photoshoots will be postponed. If one of our team is confirmed to have COVID-19, they will isolate for a minimum of 14 days, monitor for symptoms, and seek medical advice.


All equipment being used for a photoshoot will be cleaned and sanitised prior to use. Clients are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment.

Record Keeping

We will keep records of our job movements. In the event that one of us becomes unwell within 14 days after the event, we will contact the clients and any suppliers and inform them that we are undergoing testing and awaiting results. We will advise the clients of the results.

If one of our team members is COVID positive we will immediately notify the DHHS and WorkSafe.