Let's talk wedding timelines...

I send out to all my couple a questionnaire to fill out before your epic day. This will help me develop our photo timeline.

Now the key is to add a little buffer throughout your timeline and don't cram it too tight. Leave wiggle room, because to be honest nothing goes to plan on a wedding day and it's always sods law, if it's going to happen it will on your big day! When you are planning your big day just leave a little more time for the unexpected, things always take longer than planned, this will help avoid any anxiety or stress on your big day.


I always ask my brides to have all your details in a shoe box waiting for me. This avoids you and your BBFs running around trying to find everything. Details may include and are not limited to:

HERS Invitation suite including RSVP and envelope, shoes, perfume, rings - all three including the grooms, earrings, necklaces, hair pieces, bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, letters to each other.

HIS shoes, bowtie or tie, tie clip, pocket square, watch, cuff links, letters to each other.

I also ask if you can talk to your florist about some extra flowers and greenery which I can add to your detail shots.

the Dress

I will start with your dress shot before I do your details shots. I ask my brides to put their dress on a nice wooden hanger but if you forget I always bring one with me. I will also photograph your bridesmaids dress with your dress as well.

Once I am done with your details I will move onto candids with you and your bride tribe! I don't typically shoot anyone "getting ready" until they are almost finished, no one wants photos with half their makeup done!!

After we get you in your dress and capture dad and bridesmaids first look, I will capture your bridal portraits.

getting ready space

Your getting ready space will define the mood and vibe of your photos, it make make or break your images. If we are in a small hotel room with no windows you might feel overwhelmed with all the people in with you and a tad claustrophobic.

Look for somewhere that is open and clean with soft natural window light, it will make you feel a happy and less overwhelmed.

Good light is something you'll hear photographers say a lot!! What does it mean and why is it so important? If you are near a window with natural light coming in you will look 10 years younger and slimmer, you will literally radiate. Overhead light can cause your skin to have a yellowish tone and create dark circles under your eyes. I will turn off all the lights to avoid this from happening.


The Bride + Groom grand entrance, this where I will be capturing candids of you both walking into the reception. I will also be shooting reception details. Please tell the venue coordinator or DJ to turn off any colourful lighting. This goes for first dance as well, and parents dance and cake cutting.

Dinner - No one wants photos of them eating! It's not a pretty!! Once all the guest as served I will be eating too. Then its Party time!! Wahoo!! Let's bring down the house!! I love to sing and dance along all night! Party dancing photos are so much fun!! Sparkler Exit - make sure your venue allow this, if not we can do rose petals or bubbles!

If you are doing a sparkler exit, it usually takes 15 minutes. I will most likely get you to run down a couple of times and get you to kiss in the middle for an epic shot. If your coverage doesn't allow for a Sparkler exit, we can do a fake one - grab your bridal party and head out for 15 and we are done!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer? I would love to capture your big day! Contact me today below and book in a no obligations zoom call.