Hey there! I was the lucky wedding photographer who got to capture a truly magical day at Cedar Creek Lodge on Mt Tambourine Mountain! Can you believe it? It was like stepping into a fairytale - the venue was absolutely breathtaking, surrounded by the lush rainforest and all that natural beauty!

The Tiffany + David chose this spot specifically for their big day, and I couldn't blame them one bit. Cedar Creek Lodge is an absolute gem for weddings, and it made my job as a photographer an absolute dream! You know, Gold Coast Weddings and Brisbane Weddings have their charm, but this place is something else entirely!

But let's talk about the weather - the ultimate wildcard for any outdoor event. And boy, did it add some excitement! We had a bit of rainforest showers to deal with, but I took it as a challenge. And you know what? The rain made everything look even more enchanting! It's like Mother Nature sprinkled her own touch of magic on the day.

And let me tell you about the moments I captured! The couple was so full of love and joy; it was infectious! There were tears of happiness, laughter, and even a surprise guest appearance by two Kookaburra's after the ceremony. Talk about picture-perfect moments!

I'm telling you, being a wedding photographer in a place like Cedar Creek Lodge is like being in paradise. The combination of nature's beauty and the love between the couple creates this unforgettable atmosphere that's hard to describe in words. I have captured several weddings here and can't wait to come back again for more adventures in the rainforest of weddings!. I feel truly grateful to have been part of such a special day and to have the opportunity to freeze those precious moments in time.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the icing on the cake - smoke bombs! We decided to add a touch of whimsy and magic to the wedding photos by using colorful smoke bombs during a shoot on the fallen log at Cedar Creek Lodge. Let me tell you, it was like stepping into a fantasy world!

As the smoke swirled around the Tiffany + David, their love seemed to be enveloped in a surreal aura. The smoke added an artistic flair and made the photos look straight out of a fairy tale. It was such a fun idea that brought an extra layer of excitement to the shoot. The smoke bombs were like little bursts of joy, and David loved the idea from the moment I suggested it. The smoke against the lush green backdrop of the rainforest created a striking contrast that made the photos truly unique.

I must admit, capturing those moments with the smoke bombs was a bit of a challenge, but it was totally worth it! The result was some of the most extraordinary and unforgettable wedding photos I've ever taken. It's those little creative touches that take a wedding shoot from ordinary to extraordinary!

So, there you have it - the story of how we added a sprinkle of magic to the wedding photos with those awesome smoke bombs. Cedar Creek Lodge on Mt Tambourine Mountain provided the perfect setting, and the smoke bombs just elevated the whole experience to another level of enchantment. Can't wait to try more creative ideas like this in future weddings!

Loved working with:

Photographer: Nat from @mrssmithsphotography

Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges @cedarcreeklodges

Celebrant: Robert Simmons @robertsimmonscelebrant

Dress: Stella York @whitelilycouture

Music: Nik Connoms @nikconomos

Makeup: Erin Delahunty @erindelahuntymakeupandhair

Enjoy my sneak peak