Hey lovebirds! Picking your wedding colors should be a blast, not a stress-fest! Here are 6 fab tips to guide you through the rainbow chaos:

  1. Go with Your Vibes: What colors make your hearts do a happy dance in everyday life? Start there for a personalized touch.
  2. Seasonal Sass: Let the season whisper sweet color suggestions. Spring vibes with pastels? Summer's poppin' brights? Fall's cozy warm tones? Winter's elegant deep hues? You got it!
  3. Venue Vibes: Check out your wedding crib. If it's a colorful fiesta, maybe dial back on neon pink? Let your venue and colors be BFFs, not frenemies.
  4. Mood Matters: Colors are mood wizards! Soft pastels for romantic vibes, bold and bright for party central. What vibe are you and bae feelin'?
  5. Stalk for Inspo: Hit up Pinterest, Insta, and mags. See what's hot and happening. Psst, 2024 trend alert: Nature-inspired hues, like serene greens and dreamy blues, are stealing the show! Embracing bridesmaids in different pastel shades is a brilliant choice! I'm loving how this adds a charming dynamic to the bridal party, creating a visually stunning and harmonious ensemble. Staying within the same tones like pastel or jewel etc... color family ensures a cohesive and effortlessly elegant look that truly shines in photographs
  6. Mix It Up: Don't limit yourself to a duo – mix those shades! Your palette, your rules. Add depth, spice, and all things nice!

Remember, your colors should shout 'YOU.' And if you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia, I've got your back! Let's capture those colourful moments and make them pop! Email me today nat@mrssmithsphotgraphy.com and let's get your party started!



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