Carlie + Lachie

Gold Coast Wedding

Oh, what a spectacular day it was, capturing the love story of the loveliest couple who happened to be high school sweethearts and, as I'd like to believe, true twin flames! Their wedding on the Gold Coast was nothing short of magical, and I'm thrilled to share the incredible journey I had the privilege of documenting.

The day began in style, with the bride getting ready in the luxurious penthouse at Peppers Souls on the Esplanade in Surfers Paradise. Now, let me tell you, the views from the 62nd floor were absolutely breathtaking! As a wedding photographer, I couldn't have asked for a more stunning backdrop. The sparkling ocean, the golden sands, and the endless sky served as the perfect canvas for capturing their love story. The anticipation was palpable as I snapped candid shots of the bride's laughter and the groom's nervous excitement while they prepared for the big moment. The energy in that penthouse was electric, a mix of joyful butterflies and the promise of forever.

Then came the ceremony, and we ventured inland to the family's farm at Wongawallan, nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The views were, without a doubt, "views for days." The natural beauty that surrounded us was simply awe-inspiring. The rolling hills, creating a picturesque setting for the vows and the beginning of their new chapter together. As the couple exchanged their heartfelt promises and sealed them with a kiss, I couldn't help but feel privileged to be a part of this special day. Love radiated from the bride and groom, and their connection was undeniable. The celebration continued well into the night, and oh boy, was it a blast! The dance floor was alive with energy, and everyone, young and old, joined in the festivities. It was heartwarming to see the love and joy that surrounded this couple as they danced their way into this new chapter of their lives. And let's not forget about the food! The wood fired pizzas from Darko's Woodfire pizzas were a feast for the senses, tantalizing taste buds with every bite.

Ah, how could I forget to mention the whimsical twist Mother Nature decided to add to this incredible day? While the day was filled with stunning views from the beach to the hinterland, we also had a touch of adventure thanks to the unpredictable weather. Winds danced around us, and there was a sprinkle of rain, but let me tell you, it didn't dampen the spirits of my amazing bride and groom!

As their wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every candid moment, every stolen glance, and every belly laugh. It's these genuine, unscripted moments that make my job so incredibly rewarding. I felt like part of the family, witnessing the love and connection that brought everyone together.

So, to the loveliest couple, I say thank you for letting me be a part of your magical day. A true celebration of love, laughter, and happily ever after, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to freeze these moments in time through the lens of my camera. Here's to a lifetime filled with love, adventure, and breathtaking views just like the ones you experienced on your special day!

Photographer: Nat from @mrssmithsphotography

Celebrant: @siobhan_adams_celebrant

Venue: @peppers_soul


MUA: @makeupbybronte

Hair: @styleme.bynicoleireland

Florist: @wildjasminblooms

Cake: @auxfinesbouches

Catering: @darkoswoodfired