Guess what? The stork has delivered your precious bundle of joy, and now it's time to capture those heart-melting moments. At Mrs Smiths Photography I am not just about weddings and couples, no I am here to capture first loves to last loves and every stage in between.

Meet the star of the show on Friday, the cutest, happiest 13-day-old bundle of joy – Ocean! She made me want to go back and do it all over again! Just the perfect little family in the making and I had the privilege of capturing this stunning trio last week in their stunning home on the GC including two furry children who wanted to be part of the action too!

So today I am here to spill the tea (those who know me know that's I am tea girl) on why I'm all about rocking those newborn photoshoots right in the cozy comfort of your own home!

First off, let's talk comfort and familiarity – your home sweet home! It's where your heart is, your nursery dreams come to life, and where your little one will rock their first onesie fashion show. Opting for an at-home photoshoot means your cutie is in their comfort zone, making the whole experience a breeze without any photo day stress.

And oh, the personal touches! Your home is practically a scrapbook of your life, filled with sentimental stuff like family heirlooms, snuggly blankets, and that room with all the feels. We'll weave these personal elements into the photos, creating a visual tale that's uniquely yours.

Let's talk stress-free vibes! Newborns need a lot of TLC, and dragging them to a studio? Not my style. Keep the chill vibes at home, no travel drama, and let's capture those natural, heartwarming moments. Trust me, your couch is the new photoshoot hotspot!

Now, lighting – the unsung hero of photography! Your home's natural light is like a magic wand, giving those baby cheeks an angelic glow. I've been in photo game for long enough, so no worries – your home's light is my secret weapon. 💫

But wait, there's more! An at-home photoshoot is like a front-row seat to the ultimate bonding sesh. Parents and siblings get to shower the little one with love in their own space, creating pics that scream family connection in every pixel.

And let's not forget about safety, folks. Your home is the fortress of cleanliness, while studios might be playing host to unwanted germs. Keep that baby bubble intact – shoot at home!

So, if you're up for a ride on the heartwarming rollercoaster of capturing these precious moments, I'm your guide, ready to snap your adorable family moments. 📷

Can't wait to meet your little superstar and make some magic happen! Contact me for more!

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