Hey there! Guess what? I'm officially on holiday mode 🎄!

If I'm a tad slower in replying to emails, please bear with me. Got my awesome family visiting from the UK, and I'm taking this time to recharge and get all set for 2024.IWhat a year! It's been an absolute whirlwind in my photography world! I've not only fallen deeper in love with capturing those tear-jerking moments and weaving magical stories from wedding days, but I've also been shaking things up. I have upped my game using different lights, more flash, night shoots—giving my work that extra sparkle. I've been challenging myself with some epic new ways to direct and shoot.

You know us creative types, always a bit tough on ourselves. But hey, I'm seriously proud of what I've built here. Oh, and hold onto your hats, 'cause 2024 isn't just about teaming up with videographers. Nope! I'll be dishing out some mind-blowing behind-the-scenes (BTS) content for all my couples.

Oh, and wait up! I didn't just capture amazing weddings this year. I wrapped things up with my Santa Minis—what a blast—and let me tell you, those Year 12 formals, family photo shoots and dance photos were pure magic! Now its time for me to unwind and get a little creative with some personal creative projects before my wedding session kicks off in January.

A huge shoutout to all my amazing couples—you guys are the real MVPs! Seriously, this dream career of mine wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you.

Stay tuned, folks. The best is yet to come! 📸✨