The Benefits Of An Unplugged Wedding

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The Benefits Of An Unplugged Wedding

by Mrs Smiths Photography

Thinking about going ‘off the grid’ for your big day?  There are definitely perks and drawbacks to having an unplugged wedding.

You get to choose what’s shared on social media!

I have had many brides tell me how disappointed they are that their friends and family have shared photos of their big day on their socials before they did. It is understandable that they would have preferred to be the first to share a photo of their first kiss as a married couple - not their great Aunt's godson who believes a phone with filters essentially makes him a pro photographer.  

Guests are more present and engaged

Your friends and family are completely present.  These days we have a tendency to want to share everything on our socials and devices, this can really take the focus off your wedding. Unplugged means less focus on writing a great Instagram caption and more about being witness to one of the biggest milestones of your life.  

Beautiful unobstructed pictures in your wedding album

From your photographers’ point of view, you won’t have Great Aunty Sue standing in the aisle trying to take a photo of your first kiss on her Ipad ruining your actual wedding photos. Unplugging means you will have a wedding album full of beautiful unobstructed pictures you will cherish forever. I will also be able to capture your guests' beautiful smiling faces! You will actually see all of them not half a face behind a device. 

On the flip side, not everyone will comply with your wishes, and you may get complaints. This negativity leading up to your wedding day can be extremely upsetting.

Is it right for you? The simple answer is it’s your Wedding Day and if you make the decision to have an unplugged wedding is ultimately up to you and your future spouse. Having guests fully present and engaged at your ceremony is a truly amazing thing, if it sounds right for you and your partner go for it!! 

If you would like to know more I am happy to meet up for a chat. 



Lorena and Dennis (6 of 7)Lorena and Dennis (6 of 7)





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