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Gold Coast Style with Mrs Smiths Photography.

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As Queensland goes into lockdown this week, I can't help but think how lucky we have been in Queensland that we haven't had to worry like everyone else in the world about homeschooling or being in lockdown for weeks/months on end. Homeschooling started again this week. I am very lucky; my children are beyond the baby stages and can work well independently with the school providing lessons plans for most of the day.  My two are conscientious and hate getting in trouble with their teachers so that makes homeschooling for me a little more bearable.

Despite that working from home and being a full-time carer is a lot of work. Lots of interruptions, endless requests for ‘early lunch’ or more snacks. This seems to be on repeat every day! The encouragement to exercise is met with groans and complaints – it is hard to stay sane hahaha!

The way I am going to survive this round of lockdown will be enjoying the sunshine, long family walks with Mia our dog, hot chocolates with a sneaky marshmallow, lunchboxes packed every day, and taking every day as it comes. I am sure we will have a few arguments over Teams not working or I can't enter the Zoom meeting or why they’ve eaten all their food in their lunchbox by 10.01 am or the fact we don’t have oil pastels for an art assignment and why can’t we go to the shops right now! And the dreaded...I have nothing to do!! But in the words of Buddha, this too will pass!

As sad as I am that my photo sessions have had to be postponed, I can’t wait to see all my gorgeous clients again very soon – for the time being, I will take photos of my kids on the sunny Gold Coast and enjoy spending quality family time together.

Stay safe everyone and I will see all your smiling faces when we come out of lockdown!

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